20 unique succulent cuttings from Fat Plants that are easy to grow no 2 alike.

20 Healthy Succulent Cuttings – Assorted Varieties – Fat Plants

20 Succulent Cuttings Assorted Varieties Description

  • 20 different succulent cuttings from fat plants San Diego
  • Sedum and more
  • Every order comes with a free fat plants photography magnet and 5×7 glossy postcard
  • Every cutting will be two to six inches

20 freshly cut succulent cuttings from the private, licensed nursery of fat plants San Diego. This product is exclusive in the manner in which the plants are grown, how they are cut and treated with hormone as well as how they are packaged.

20 Unique Succulent Cuttings – Easy to Grow

Each succulent cutting is hand packaged in a shipping safe container to ensure its quality when it arrives at your home.  Succulent cuttings are taken from our gardens and prepared and packaged for immediate use when delivered.  Don’t worry if you aren’t starting your project right away.  Your plants will begin to root into the moss in roughly 10 days (results vary per type of plant) but you must immediately take them out of the shipping box and place them in a well-lit room.  Every shipment will receive instructions on how to care for your new plants.  We hope you love your plants as much as we do.

Finding an assortment of 20 different, healthy succulents at your local nursery can be extremely difficult.  When these plants arrive you will have the start of an instant interesting succulent garden! The wide variety of succulent colors, textures, forms and sizes allows you to easily design collections unique to you.

The 4.8 Star rating and reviews are a great testimony to the satisfaction of customers who have purchased this package of 20 succulent plants from Fat Plants San Diego.

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